Thursday, April 30, 2015

My goals for May

HOLY MOLY!!!! Tomorrow starts the month of May. I can't even believe it, time is going by so fast. I saw something the other day, maybe it was on Instagram or pinterest, I'm really not sure where I saw it but it really struck true with me and where I'm at in my life. The days are long but the years are short. 

That being said, even though the days are long I still feel like there isn't much time to get done the things that I want to do. I figure if I set out 3 or 4 simple goals maybe, just maybe I'll be able to accomplish them in a months time. 

I am very lucky to have a flexible work environment that lets you be flexible with work hours. Typically I work 8:30-ish to 5-ish (okay, okay, 4:45ish). I think that if I could make myself get out of the house earlier and be at work by 8am and work until 4pm then I would improve my quality of life and give me some extra time with my babies in the evening. MWF are hard days since I do my morning boot camp, but I think that if I can do the 8-4 thing on Tues/Thursdays that things would be better. So, my goal #1 is to be at work by 8am at least 2 days a week. 

When we first moved into our house we purchased a desk from Ikea. Recently I purchased an add on piece and a filing cabinet to go with it in order to make the desk more functional. Well, a desk will never be functional if you don't set it up. So my second goal for the month is to get the desk set up into a nice work space. For mother's day I'm asking for a silhouette cameo and I would really like a nice organized place to make some creations at. Also I'd like to not have a stack of random papers, important documents, bills, etc on my kitchen counter anymore. So I guess this is more of a 2 part goal; set up desk & file your shit! 

I should note that these goals are not in a specific order of importance, if they were then this one would be number 1. I want to spend more time on the floor with the kids in the evening. Spend time doing puzzles with Abby or playing with her dolls, spend time with Jax working on sitting up or rolling over, or playing with his bright colored toys. As it stands now we usually get home and I have to get dinner started immediately and baths have to happen shortly after that because Jax has decided the only good bedtime is at 7pm. 

D & I have talked about trying to start up a small business. We have dreams that it could be come a larger business and eventually I would be able to work from home and have lots more time with our sweet babies. My 4th goal for the month is to get my butt in high gear. I'm letting the fear of failure stall me and I need to strap on some big girl panties and take a chance. For the month of May my goal is to do some research on certain costs that will be accrued throughout the start up of this and to write out a business plan. 

Alright May, bring it on!! I'll be happy if I can look back at the end of May and see that I have made some strides in accomplishing some of these. 

Do you set monthly goals? 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kids say the darndest things

I have a quick funny story to share this morning. 

Abby is getting to the age now where she notices that our bodies are different and in the past she has made comments about my bra in passing. No big deal right, I'm sure in the future there will be more awkward things for us to talk about. The future was this morning. 

I'm giggling as I'm typing this because it was just too funny/awkward. So, I'm in my closet getting dressed. I'm about to put a dress on but I'm standing in my bra and panties. These certain pairs do not cover my fanny like Abby's do, if you get what I'm saying. She walks up behind me and starts pulling on them and says, "Mommy I have to fix your panties for you". 

I died. She wouldn't let the subject go. We had to talk about it for at least 4 minutes. I just laughed and laughed. 

Isn't she cute?

Have your kids ever done anything so awkward?? How did you handle it? 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Our weekend & a patio update

It's Monday! My day started all to early with a huge storm waking Abby up and therefore Abby waking me up . Lately we have had lots bad storms. On Saturday morning we woke up to a really bad storm. The rain was hitting the house so hard and there were 50mph winds blowing outside. D & I really thought a tornado was coming through. We went upstairs and got Abby and made her and Jax sit in the closet for a little while until the wind died down. 
No need to judge how messy my closet is! 
I thought I would have to fight Abby to get her to stay in there but she was more than happy to hang out on the pillows and watch weird toy videos on the iPad. When she finally decided to come out of the closet the only thing she wanted to do was make a snow cone. Why is my right bicep 2x bigger than the left? Oh that would be because my husband decided to be a sweet father and buy Abby an Olaf snow cone maker. 
You have to hand crank this baby for about 20 minutes to get about 1 ounce of ice. She wanted to make 3. Now I have super human strength in my right arm. Thanks Drew, thanks. 

This weekend Jax also slept his first full night in his crib, upstairs. I felt like he was so far away. We had never really used our monitor before so I was nervous I wouldn't hear him and ended up sleeping downstairs on the couch just in case the monitor didn't wake me up. He ended up sleeping from about 8pm-5am! It was a miracle.  Last night he slept in the crib again until about 3am. He woke up to eat and I was just too lazy to walk him back upstairs after he finished his bottle. 

On Friday night the patio furniture we ordered a couple of weeks ago arrived. We got most of it put together on Friday and then I finished the rest on Saturday. We had some friends coming over to hang out Sunday so it was the perfect time to debut our new deck! It was a gorgeous day out, the kids played so well together, the wine was going down smoothly, we ate too much food, it was the perfect Sunday! 

I just love the way it turned out! 

His first time in a swing! 

Now it's Monday so I'll spend the day dreaming of Friday!! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Five on Friday

TGIF!!!!! I'm so looking forward to our weekend. We don't really have any set plans but I am hoping to get some things done around the house. I have 2 hall closets upstairs that I'd really like to get organized. Of course I've been searching Pinterest for some great ideas!

Earlier in the week I talked about my funk, well thankfully I'm on the upside of it! I dragged my butt out of bed this morning and made it to my 5am bootcamp and had a stress free morning with the kids. Those are always great ways to start the day! 

Now let's get to it, my five on Friday!!! 


THIS! ** If you are a huge fan of Grey's and haven't watched yet... keep scrolling past this, I don't want to be the spoiler. 
Why Shonda, WHY?!?!? 
I can't believe Derek is dead. I also can't believe Meredith barely cried. Her reaction was weird but I'm wondering if they are setting it up so it can be a major breakdown drama later on. I will say that I like the way the wrapped everything up and Derek went out being a good guy.

Am I the only one who sobbed through this episode? 


On Thursday I stumbled across this blog post. This slapped me in the face and really made me process my thoughts on why I was feeling so down and unhappy. 
Comparison is the thief of joy.
That is it in a nut shell. I compare myself to too many other people. Do I work out enough? Do I eat healthy enough? Am I spending enough time with my kids? Do I let them watch too much TV? Shit, I need to make some cute crafty teacher appreciation stuff... etc... That list can go on and on. 


One thing I have been trying to work on is yelling and watching my tone with both Abby and my husband. I don't like to yell and I never have really thought of myself as a yeller but I guess sometimes I feel lost in a situation and this is what I resort to. Sometimes a 3 year olds tantrum can really bring out the worst in a mom. A Facebook friend posted this article this morning. I'm going to give this strategy a go and see if it helps our situation. 


My dinner last night was so delish!!! But even better than that, it was SOOOOOO easy!!!! 

I thawed some shrimp, threw it in a sautee pan and then added in Trader Joe's Spelt Risotto! Yep, like I said, so easy! And I only had to wash 1 pan! That Risotto will definitely go on my TJ's must have list! You should probably put it on yours too. 


Wednesday Abby had a special event at gymnastics. Before this she's only been to 2 classes and I think this was a little nerve wrecking for her because there were so many parents standing around watching them, but goodness gracious she was so cute!!! 

She got a trophy for attending the event. Each kid was handed a trophy one at a time and got to go stand on a podium and hold their trophy up to show everyone. Abby was a little shy and wasn't too excited about holding hers up but it was so sweet to watch all the kids be proud of themselves!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In a funk

I'm in a funk. :( I just typed out a whole very long and wordy post. I re-read it and realized that it was a Debbie downer post. I couldn't bring myself to publish it. It was an entire post about everything wrong, stressful, or frustrating in my life right now. I hope this funk is caused by PMS or something explainable like that and that I'm not just turning into a miserable person.

I used to be so bright and cheery and happy all the time. Now I have more to be happy about than ever before and lately I have just felt so miserable.

I'm sad.

What do you do to get over a funk? 

Happy Wednesday y'all!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My weekend and Trader Joe's experience

I missed posting yesterday about our weekend. So I will play a little catch up real quick.

Saturday night my mom watched my kids so that D & I could go to Gourmet Night. It's a work event for me but is always an enjoyable experience. It is put on by the students at UH Hilton College and the food is always amazing, there is lots of wine, and a big silent auction. Sad to say we didn't win any of the items we bid on, but happy to say it was a great night out for zero cost to us!!!

The best part of the meal was the dessert!!! It was a chocolate ball with a little dessert surprise in it! 
This is what it looked like when they first brought it out
Then they poured hot toffee on it and it melted the outer chocolate with a surprise delishiousness on the inside
Tell me that doesn't look divine!!! It's such a wonderful event and for such a good cause. The students work so hard for a whole year before the event to plan out every single detail. We had a great time! To top it off, my mom kept the kids overnight... that's right... OVER NIGHT!!! I had my first full night of sleep since 11/3/14!

Sunday was full of errands. We made a trip to Trader Joe's. It was my first time ever going there. So far I've tried 4 things that we bought. Here are my thoughts on those....

SO GROSS!!!! I took 2 bites of it and threw the rest away. I'd rather be guilty of eating chicken salad than to eat this "reduced guilt" yuckiness! 
Image result for trader joe's chili lime chicken burgers
SO GOOD!! I would definitely buy these again. I cooked them last night for dinner. They were quick and easy to cook. Slapped them on a Hawaiian bun with some provolone cheese and guacamole and boom! Dinner is served! 
SO GOOD!! Pair these with some Ritz crackers or celery and you've got yourself a great appetizer. I would buy this again! 
I bought 4 bottles of wine. I have only opened 1 bottle so far, the Cabernet. It was good and for 2.99 a pop you can't be disappointed! 

I also really loved their flower selection! The bouquets were larger and less expensive than the ones I usually buy at HEB.

It's about a 25 minute drive for me to get to TJ's so I probably won't go back often, but I would definitely go back, if nothing else to stock up on the cheap wine! 

Happy Tuesday y'all!!! 

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday- the important people

Hooray!!! Friday is finally here. Has this week seemed never ending to anyone else? Last night we had a crazy thunderstorm that lasted pretty much all day and into the wee morning hours. Man, I love sleeping through a good thunderstorm but unfortunately my daughter feels the exact opposite about it. Today I am dragging majorly. Does anyone have a coffee IV they can come hook me up to? 
Starbucks IV Bag... every coffee addict should own one... or twelve! I need this...

Today's five on Friday is going to be me highlighting people in my life that have made an impact on me. 

First and probably an obvious one is my Mother. 

This lady is my rock and someone I am so glad I get to consider a friend also! She raised us as a single mom and made sure that we had such a happy childhood. She taught me to be confident in myself but to put my ultimate trust in the Lord and that everything will eventually work out. Now that I am a mother myself I have a complete new appreciation for her and all the sacrifices that she had to make along the way. Recently she retired from an almost 30 year career in law enforcement in order to finish her nursing degree so she can start her second career. I'll probably talk more about that in another post later on. Long story short, this lady is amazing! If I become half the woman she is then I'll be doing good!!! 

Second is my grandpa, Poppa! 
This is the greatest man I have ever known! He retired when my sister and I were very young so he was our babysitter, playmate, chauffeur, cook, etc.... When my mom was working we spent a lot of time with my Poppa.My Pop is the kind of man who calls everyone honey, baby and has never met a stranger! He has encouraged me through every phase in my life. My grandma passed away in 2003 just a few weeks after they celebrated their 47th anniversary. He showed me what a husband was supposed to be, what a father was supposed to be, and I feel so blessed that God choose him to be my Poppa!  He also always encouraged me to go after what makes me happy! He is truly a one of a kind and to him I owe so much! 

Number three is my best friend, Amy! 
Add caption
She would kill me if she knew I used this picture since she was about 5 or 6 months pregnant here. Amy and I became friends while we were in college and working at a restaurant. This girl is such an inspiration to me. She has been there for me throughout most of my adult life, I think we became friends when I was 19. I love her because she will laugh me through anything. Laughter is the best medicine you know. She is actually the only person besides my husband and my mom that I talk to on the phone anymore. She is an amazing mother to her kids, a good wife, and an over achiever at her job. When I grow up I want to be just like her. 

Fourth is Kerstin! 

Kerstin and I both got knocked up around the same time :) We were pretty much acquaintances before but our pregnancies brought us together. We've been really great friends for about 3 1/2 years now and I am so thankful for her in my life. She is such a big cheerleader for me. I can talk to her about things without judgement but she will be honest with me if I'm being crazy. She's seen me at my best and has been with me through one of the hardest and scariest times of my life (which now looking back wasn't that hard or scary). She is my wine drinking buddy, my parenting reference, my encourager, one of my best friends! 

Last but not least, all of these people

These four human beings have changed and impacted my life more than anyone else EVER!!! Kylie is my bonus child and she is sweet as pie! She is a great big sister to my kids and a joyful addition to my life. Abby was unplanned and unexpected but I have never experienced a greater love than her. Jax was planned and he completes me! He is going on 6 months and it just feels like he has always been here. Drew puts up with me and he gave me these three wonderful children. I will forever be thankful for that! 

If today were Six on Friday I would also tell you about my wonderful sister, Candice. We are opposite on so many things but we are sisters! As we have grown older we have grown closer. She has bailed me out many times, told me how it was when I didn't want to hear it, listen to me gripe, and has been an amazing Aunt to my babies! I'm so thankful for her as my sister but also as my friend! She is a new mom, her daughter is 3 weeks younger than Jax and I think that us both being moms now has definitely brought us closer. 
Isn't my niece just the cutest!!!! 

Happy Friday y'all!!!!! 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Naan Pizza

Humpday Camel quotes quote days of the week wednesday humpday hump day camel wednesday quotes camels happy wednesday
Happy Hump Day y'all!!!! 
Its only Wednesday quotes quote days of the week wednesday hump day wednesday quotes happy wednesday wednesday morning
This is how I really feel today

We're half way there!!! 

I don't have too much to say today but I wanted to share with you what I made for dinner last night! It was so simple,so delish and husband and kid approved! 

Naan Bread Pizza! 

I had seen a recipe for it on another blog before and thought it looked so good but I had never heard of Naan bread before. I came across it the other day in the grocery store and remembered seeing it made into pizza so I picked some up, looked up some recipes on pinterest and wha-la!!  

It came in a pack of 2. They aren't that big, but these fed the 3 of us perfectly. The one on top is a chicken margarita pizza and the bottom one is bbq chicken. 

Margarita Naan Pizza

I spread a little bit of pasta sauce around on the Naan bread and then topped it with thinly sliced tomatoes and thinly sliced fresh mozzarella cheese. The chicken was a last minute thought since I had some leftover from the bbq pizza. Once I pulled it out of the oven I sprinkled a little basil on it. I'm sure fresh basil would taste great on there as well. 

BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza

I spread about 1.5 tablespoons onto the Naan and then put some caramelized purple onion on there, some chopped up chicken (I used HEB pre-cooked chicken breasts) and  topped it with cheddar cheese.

Cook at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes. After the 12 minutes I put it under the broiler for about 45 seconds just to crisp things up a little. 

Cut and serve!!!! It was so easy and I will definitely be adding Naan pizza into our dinner rotations.

What do you make that makes it into every weekly dinner rotation?

 Have you ever tried Naan Pizza?  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bites, babysitting, and blooms

Happy Monday y'all!!!

Motivational Quotes – A Happy Monday Morning Reminder #quotes

We had a busy busy weekend and it went like this.... 

Friday- I picked Abby and Jax up from daycare and there was this...
Yep, that would be a bit mark. It's actually her 3rd bite from this little boy Cruz at her daycare. Cruz is part man and part piranha. He bites all the kids in the class. Why is he still allowed to go to that daycare you ask? I ask myself the same thing! It's ridiculous. I have debated on whether or not I should send this picture to his mom on Facebook to let her know that there is an actual kid with actual markings on the other end of that incident slip they give her each time her son bites someone. I'm still up in the air on it. I don't want to be mean or make her feel bad because I am completely aware that her parenting is not the reason her son bites but holy cow what else am I supposed to do. Any advice? 

We also hit the grocery store on Friday. I used to really enjoy grocery shopping but when you have to go with 2 kids it takes the fun out of it. 

Saturday- Abby had her first official gymnastics class. She has a lot of work to do. I think the hardest thing for her will be listening and following directions. I'm sure she'll catch on though. 
Jax and I just hanging out while Abby is at gymnastics
I also had my hair appointment on Saturday. My mom was so sweet to watch my children while I went. I cherished those 2 hours of alone time more than I could even explain. Here's the end result...

Saturday my sister-in-law needed someone to watch my nephew and she suggested that we start doing a swap off once a month or so where we watch her kids one night and then they'll watch our kids the next night. So, Saturday night they dropped my nephew off and went out to dinner. Abby loves playing with my nephew and he is so sweet to her. It was a pleasure having him come spend some time with us. It was also nice not to be Abby's sole source of entertainment for a few hours. 

Sunday- This is Drew's only weekend day off, sometimes his only day off during the week period. We usually use this day to work on house projects or get some shopping in or just being lazy around the house. This Sunday was used to work on a few house things but not before we got in some morning snuggles. I just love when all 4 of us get to lay in bed and snuggle!  

 Our goal  before summer is to spruce up the backyard some. Last year we built a deck but haven't done much beyond that. We were on the hunt for some patio furniture. We didn't leave Home Depot with patio furniture, but we did get a few new flowers to replace some old dead ones and we bought this really pretty shrub to plant in the back yard and also an outdoor rug. Later that day I did end up ordering some patio furniture online at Home Depot's website. It should be here by next week! 

Also, check out our flowers in the front yard! They have never had so many blooms! 

I didn't make Drew work all day, he was able to sneak in a nap with this tiny one. 
This makes my heart melt! 
Sunday evening we dropped the kids off with my SIL and headed out for dinner. I really enjoyed doing the babysitting swap because 1. it is free and 2. I didn't feel guilty having them watch my kids since I had watched theirs the day before. After dinner we hit up Ikea. I'm working at making a functional office upstairs in our playroom. I will do a before and after post once I get it completed!! 

Happy Monday everyone!!! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Random Wednesday

We are half way there y'all!!
I don't always write the word wednesday but when I do, I pronounce it in my head as "wed-nes-day"
Every. Time! 

I am so ready for the weekend! Saturday Abby will be starting gymnastics. We did a trial class a couple of weeks ago and she loved it. I can't wait to watch her improve and develop. I am also hoping that we make some friends out of it. I know at 3 kids don't really quite understand the concept of friendship but I would love to make a mom friend that has a kid the same age as Abby that lives fairly close to us to do play dates with. 

I also have a hair appointment on Saturday. I pushed it one week too long and all my "glitter"  as my hairdresser calls it are showing through. I blame my grandma for giving me gray hair at such a young age. My sister has it too. It's annoying. 
20 Funniest Pinterest Mom Quotes & Pins

I'm also thinking of working on updating the office area of our playroom this weekend. I need to buy some additional desk pieces from Ikea, I think only like 2 things though. My goal would be to complete the desk area for under $250. It's totally doable. I'm not sure I have it in me though to venture to Ikea alone with 2 children, Drew will be working, have I mentioned that he works A LOT? If I get up the courage to make the Ikea trip then I will share an office update with y'all next week! 

Last but not least of this randomness post.... I got a sneak peek of our family pictures. I am totally in love with them! I will share more about the family picture experience when I get all of them back! 
When I look at this picture my heart explodes! This is everything I have ever wanted all in 1 single picture. 
I'm biased, but dang those are some cute kids. 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Happy Wed-nes-day y'all!