Friday, May 29, 2015

Five on Friday!

This was an especially short week for me because Monday was a holiday and Tuesday our city was flooded so they closed our office. Do you ever feel like sometimes short weeks feel the longest? I have 5 random things to talk about today....

1. Through our health insurance at work we are able to do this online health assessment and get a $75 gift card to a series of places of your choice. If your spouse is covered under the insurance then they can do this assessment too. Guess what that means for me..... $150 worth of gift cards to TARGET!!!!! Shhhhh....don't tell Drew he doesn't know. They are burning a hole in my pocket but I haven't decided what I want to buy yet so I'm holding off going.

2. Someone shared this article on Facebook yesterday and it really struck my heart. I need a village. 

3. Jax has been on baby food for about a month now and has started eating stage 2 foods. Our pediatrician said if he does okay on stage 2 foods for a couple of weeks then we can start introducing him to table foods. I know I've gone through all this before with Abby, but it really is amazing how quickly you forget this kind of thing. I've been looking for what kind of table food I should introduce him to and I found this article to be helpful. These kind of things may still be a month or so out but it's good to know. 

4. I want this hair....

With the long bob, or “lob”, recently trending, I bet there are a ton of you out there wondering how to style it! 
I have very very straight hair so I guess I need to buy a curling iron and learn how to use it. 

This anaconda was in the bushes by my front door yesterday when I got home. Thankfully my neighbor came to my rescue with his pellet gun and a shovel! 

I'm ready for this weekend to get started! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Slow down... kids at life

Happy Friday-eve!!! I'm linking up for Thoughts for Thursday today and this is what has been on my mind lately. 

At the beginning of May I did a post on my May goals. You can read it here.  One of the goals was to spend more time playing with the kids and making the most of the time we do have together by making sure it is quality. I'd have to say I've been doing much better at this and have been very intentional about it. The other day I read a post about Slow Parenting. It is very in line with what I am trying to implement in my own life. I read a blog post about it here and another post about it here

Before reading these articles I didn't have a name for what I was trying to accomplish and I definitely didn't know it was a parenting movement that was happening. It does however make total sense. When I am busy, when I am rushed, when I am stretched too thin I am not my best self. I imagine that it is the same with my children. 

Sometimes I find myself rushing even when we don't have to rush. Abby is walking to slow... hurry up honey, let's go. She stops to look at what she thinks is a bug on a tree.... Abby there is no bug let's go. We're out eating ice cream (which is supposed to be a nice little treat for her).... hurry baby eat your ice cream. 

On Monday the kids and I were at home hanging out and around 2:30pm I decided I wanted to take them to do something fun. We were going to go to the zoo but it was too packed. I mean so packed I couldn't even find a parking spot. So we went to the downtown aquarium instead. Abby had the best time. I enjoyed myself so much because I was very intentional in my thoughts that we weren't in a hurry. That octopus she is looking at in the picture above, we looked at it for probably about 20 minutes. She would walk away to look at something else and then want to go back to it and talk about it and compare it to the octopus in The Little Mermaid. She is actually still talking about it 3 days later. I am just so happy I didn't rush her through. I was able to listen to her sweet little opinions about that octopus and to hear her talk about it and relate it to things she knew already.  When I am too rushed I miss those opportunities. 

It is so easy to get wrapped up in being too busy, in being in a hurry, in getting the most you possibly can done all in one day. I plan on trying to not do that though. There will always be time to be busy, but there won't always be Abby at age 3 or Jaxon at age 6 months..OMG almost 7 months. 

I know the days are fleeting, I know I can't stop my kids from growing up but I can make sure that we are all able to look back on these times with fond memories. I'm not saying my kids won't do extra curricular activities. Of course I want them to have interests and hobbies and friendships outside of our home that will help shape them into the person they will grow up to be, but I want to make sure we connect as a family and get to know each other in our home as well. 

What are your thoughts on Slow Parenting?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bring the Ark!

Y'all it is flooding in Houston! It is terrible. This is what I drove through to get to work today.

So, I really wanted to post a weekend update yesterday but my office closed because of all the flooding so I had to work from home with my 2 kids there since the day care closed too. It was hectic. I had another post planned for today but since I'm so backed up with work from being off Monday and working from home without my computer yesterday I don't really have time to post today. 

So I just wanted to pop in here to say please keep Texas in your prayers right now. There are a lot of people who are facing devastation of their homes, their cars, their communities and worst of all their families. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tiny Touches

Sheesh... life has been busy lately. 

My friend Jill came into town on Thursday. She lives in Canada. We met while we were both teaching overseas in Korea. It was so great to see her. The last time I saw her was in 2011. I am hoping the next time I see her will because D and I take a trip to Canada. On Friday we went to an Astro's game. That is the only picture I took all weekend. #bloggerfail

Yesterday I wanted to be able to eat lunch with her and take her to the airport so I took the day off from work. Plus, I mean a random day off any time is nice. She had to be at the airport by noon so that left me with the entire afternoon by myself. I utilized it by shopping! 

I cannot even remember the last time I could just mosey around a store shopping for anything or nothing. I have been wanting to put together a nice centerpiece for our dining room table but just haven't had the time to find exactly what I wanted. 

On my pinterest board I have this inspiration picture. I love the look of this and decided I would shop around until I could create something similar that I loved. I ended up going to Tuesday Morning where I didn't find anything for that project but found a jewelry organizer, which is a project for a whole other post and I found a cute little Gerber daisy flower arrangement that would go perfectly in the upstairs bathroom. 

maybe one day I will get this bathroom completed 

Then I went to Marshall's. There I found a bracelet organizer, again, for a different project. Marshall's was disappointing so  I walked to Kohls and found this candle. The best part of that was the Kohls cash I had in my purse so when I checked out my balance due was $0! 

After those stores I was still on the hunt for a tray so I decided to head to Hobby Lobby. There I was able to find the tray that I was looking for. 

Here is the final product: 

It isn't really anything like the inspiration picture but I love the way it looks on the table. I also love that I was actually able to utilize things that I already had in my kitchen. 

The blue vase and the bowl I have had for a while, i believe I got the vase from Hobby Lobby and the bowl came from Target. The bananas are from HEB. :) 

It's the tiny touches that make such a big difference and transform the house into a home! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


My sister posted this picture on Facebook today.

This is Abby when she was about 14 months old. I look at this picture and I feel 2 things. 1. complete and overwhelming joy that she is my daughter and 2. complete and overwhelming sadness that the days pass so fast and she will never be this little and sweet again. 

Is all of motherhood so bittersweet. You relish the time your in and the stage of life that your are at but you look back and reminisce?

 Literally all day today I have been going through an internal battle about wanting to be a stay-at-home-mom but being to scared to take the leap and leave my career. This isn't something new. Drew and I talk about it all the time, but to me it is scary. I could list the long list of fears but when I really think about it do I want to let fear be my guide? Do I want to look back at all the pictures from my kid's childhood and think man, I really wish I had been there and experienced more with them?  

I think that I am a good mom. I balance our life well and I have a job that respects my need for a work/life balance, but lately I just feel myself longing for more time in my home, more time with my kids, more time to help my husband. 

Has anyone else battled these feelings? 

Monday, May 4, 2015

A weekend of turning into a big boy

It's Monday already?!?! This weekend went by way, way too fast! 

Today is the 2nd weigh in day for the 90 day spring challenge I'm part of. I forgot to weigh in this morning but I'm quite disappointed in myself because I am pretty sure positive that there will be no loss. I need to quit messing around and get this baby weight off. Jax turned 6 months yesterday and I'm still hanging on to about 15lbs. I know, I know, it's only been 6 months, but I know if I had been really working at it that I would have that weight off by now and be back into my clothes comfortably. 

Speaking of Jax turning 6 months old, here is a sneak peak of all the big boy stuff he did this weekend! 
hanging out playing with feet while his sister does gymnastics
His first taste of baby food. He had pears and really seemed to enjoy them

Look at this big boy, who needs a baby carrier when they can sit up in the cart! 
Saturday we went to a birthday party for my 2nd cousin who turned 1. We also got to take my grandpa and grandma out to dinner. My grandpa is 84 and his wife is turning 85 at the end of the month. I treasure the times we get to spend with them and that they get to spend with my children. 

Sunday was filled with grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, food prep, and my husband getting sick. D started running a high fever last night, he thinks he has strep  is dying. Can any of y'all relate? Why is it always 100x worse when a man gets sick than when a woman gets sick? Does anyone else get as annoyed by it as I do? I really try to be sympathetic but really I think I was born without a sympathetic gene. It would be safe to say that it doesn't come naturally for me. 

Thankfully he went to bed early last night. I got to spend a few minutes of down time sitting on the back porch with some wine and my new solar lamp. The weather was so nice and there was a nice breeze. It was the most relaxing 15 minutes of my weekend.  

Now it is Monday and the start of a super busy week! I don't enjoy being one of the "busy" people. You know the type, that think they are busier than anyone else in the world. Although I don't think we are busier than anyone else, we are in fact busy for us this week. 

Monday night- swim lessons
Tuesday night- we have to drive to Beaumont (100 miles away) to watch my step-daughter's dance recital 
Wednesday- no plans! hooray!
Thursday- My mom's pinning ceremony for her graduating from nursing school
Friday- Breakfast for Mom at the daycare & that night my step-dad, sister, and I are hosting a celebration dinner for my mom
Saturday- gymnastics & mother's day gift shopping
Sunday- Mother's day

How's your week looking? 

Happy Monday! 

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