Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My one piece of parenting advice

Now now, I wouldn't consider myself a parenting expert per say, but I am a parent. Ha! So during a day I am sure I do a million things wrong as a parent but I do have 1 tip to share.

A TIMER!!!  

I recently shared this secret with a friend of mine and now she thinks I'm  that Super Nanny lady. With our updated technology we can use this parenting advice anywhere!! 

So this is how it works.....

Scenario 1. 
Your 3 year old, we'll call her Abby just for fun, wants to watch Elsa play doh videos on the iPad. Abby's mom has heard that screen time should be limited and also it is getting awfully close to Abby's bed time. What does Abby's mom do?? Why, she sets a timer of course. Abby knows that when the timer goes off that we have to put up the iPad. So her Mommy isn't the one telling her to get off the iPad, it is her friend the timer telling her. No fuss, no fight, puts the iPad down and goes good night!! 

Scenario 2:
Abby has a friend over and both little girls want to play with a certain toy or sit in a certain chair. Well well, what do you do? You don't want the girls to fight so you set a timer!!! Each girl gets a few minutes with a certain toy and when that timer goes off they switch. No fuss, no fight, the timer goes off and they switch!! 

The power of the timer can be used anywhere and for anything. Abby actually wants me to set the timer these days. She'll ask when she knows it is getting close to bed time if I've set the timer and most of the time it works like a charm!  

Let me know how it works for you!!! 

What's your favorite piece of parenting advice? 


  1. I love this tactic, I used this in my preschool class when sharing a toy wasnt going so smoothly!

  2. Nice! I use it for clean-up time. They like to race the clock!


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