Monday, January 11, 2016

Doing things different

Happy Monday!

Today marks day one of the Advocare All In 24 day challenge and I'm doing it!! So far I'm about 5 hours in and all I can think about are the foods I am regretting not eating over the weekend. I mean seriously... on the way to work this morning I kept telling myself... food is fuel... food is fuel....

I found this today and printed it out to put in my office to remind myself not to walk down the hall and put my hand in the candy jar. It's time to make choices and do hard things and change my life. I do not want another year to pass and look back and think man if only I had done this then or tried this or stuck with that. Enough is enough. So I guess for me this challenge is about more than just losing weight or getting's about proving to myself that I can do hard things! I may use this blog to post and keep me accountable as I go along through this challenge.

On Saturday night my kids stayed the night with my mom and Drew and I went out on a double date. We went to dinner and to see Ralphie May at a comedy club. I didn't know much about his comedy but I had seen him a couple of times on youtube videos that people showed me and he seemed quite funny. Well the show turned out to be very crude and inappropriate. I laughed at some of the things but when we left I felt very convicted. If we hadn't been with other people I might have left in the middle of the show. This conviction has been weighing very heavy on my heart. Even as I type this I feel pains of regret for sitting through that show and laughing. It just didn't sit right. Then, yesterday when I was going to the grocery store I was listening to KSBJ, it's a christian radio station and someone was on there talking about how as Christians we are supposed to act differently. It really struck me in the heart. If I want to grow with Christ and develop a deeper relationship with him then I must act differently, I must not be okay with sitting through crude comedy shows and laughing because it is the thing to do. If I want my kids to know Christ and to see what a Christ like life looks like then I must act differently, do differently than the world, live differently than I have in the past.

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