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Hi and welcome to my blog!!! I'm Christina, 30- something, working mother of 2 + 1 bonus child, wife to Drew, and Fur mom to Brooke & Bruno.

I work full time as a Recruiter for a national restaurant chain. I was born & raised in the Houston, TX area. To me Texas is the greatest place on earth although I love to travel and visit other places. I once moved to S.Korea for 9 months to teach English. It's an experience I treasure. My current passions are those three down below. Kylie, Abby, & Jaxon! They also drive my need to be a wine connoisseur. :)  I want to be crafty and good in the kitchen, although I'm really neither. I'll keep trying though and document my messes on this blog from time to time. 

Drew and I got married in October 2013. We originally met in 2009. He likes to tell the story that he chased me for all those years, but I'm not convinced that's how it went. Now we're enjoying our happily ever after. 

Those 3, they are the best!! Kylie is 11. We don't have custody of her but she comes to visit often even though she lives about 100 miles away. She is a great big sister to my babies. Abby just turned 3. She is my strong willed firecracker and the number 1 reason I have grey hair and an empty wine rack. She was my first true love.  Jaxon is almost 6 months. He completes our family. He is the easiest and happiest baby but for some reason he refuses to sleep through the night. I am the women I am today because of these 3!

I'm excited to blog and document our life as we go through our happily ever after.

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